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Hippo & Llama Table Tennis Set  

Available on Amazon!


  •  2-player table tennis set with net:   2 paddles with a retractable ping pong net, 6 ping pong balls and storage bag.

  • Retractable Ping Pong Net: Turn any home or office table into a game table. Fits any home or office table up to 2 inches thick and 65 inches wide. Easy Clip System to set up and collapse within seconds.

  • Unique Printed Design:  Bright and colorful printed characters will make your game more FUN! Choose the Hippo or Llama Team, it´s your pick. Get ready for great laughter and Family Fun.

  • Ergonomic gripsoft grip for best comfort during long play.   Easy to swing for any game level. Lightweight for anyone to start playing.

  • Six 3-star rated 40mm balls.  Made with durable ABS for balanced bounce and more controlled returns.

  • Storage case to protect all your accessories and perfect for traveling

The perfect gift set to spoil anyone!

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