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14 Fun Activities for Family Gatherings | Quality Time Ideas

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Easy and affordable tips for family reunions, so you can have Fun and Relax.

I had a very memorable childhood. I remember myself playing with my brother and sister in our house backyard and sharing times with our neighborhood friends. I grew up in a time where there were no computers or I-pads. One of the first video games was launched later on so we had to bet on our own creativity to entertain ourselves.

As a mother of three kids ages nine, eight and six, who are growing up with all sorts of technology, I get amazed by the many times they argue they are ¨bored. ¨ It seems the downsize to this “tech world¨ is that kids get used to not having to wait and pretty much get instant access to everything without any effort.

As working parents we try to schedule quality time for our family especially over the weekends and we try to challenge our kids with activities that stimulate their thinking and their self-confidence.

When all of the family members participate in the planning of the activities, you will enjoy more of these moments together.

One of INTEGRAFUN´s core values is to enhance family moments by providing high quality products for recreation at affordable prices.

I hope you enjoy this Family Activity Guide and share memorable times with your loved ones!


Giorgianna Feoli

Founder and owner of IntegraFun

Ideas of unplugging and spending more time with your family.

Here is a list of fun things that you can do that won´t cost a fortune:


This is one of my favorites activities to join our family. Table Tennis is a very versatile game because you do not need many skills for casual play and both young and adults can participate.   Whether it´s a singles or a doubles game, you´ll have hours of laughter and fun.

In addition, Table Tennis is an excellent activity for kids, to enhance motor skills, hand-eye coordination, physical development and social bonding.

Refresh your Soul playing Table Tennis! Prepare and strike your best shots!

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Our kids spend less time in the fresh air as they did in the past. Yard activities are an excellent way of getting in touch with nature, to exercise and to stimulate your senses.

You can look up for many options of Ball Games or Huge Bubble Making. Young and not so young can have lots of fun with these activities.


When was the last time you went on a Picnic? Take a basket and let the family participate in deciding and preparing the snacks and lunch you want to take. Prepare a tablecloth and look for a spot at a nearby park and enjoy relaxing with the sound of birds, river or nature breeze.


Gather your family and take a morning weekend walk. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing and benefit from exercising.

Feel the sun and enjoy listening to the family members share how they feel. Just a short walk and you will feel amazing. Riding a bike is another option if you are willing to make a bit more exercise. Remember to always keep your family safe by wearing protection.


Who doesn´t like to look at the sky and the moon? The sky is the perfect place for family members to look up for constellations.

To start, visit and print the Star Finder of the month. Follow the instructions to make it into a cootie catcher. Select a number and follow the path that will lead to you to the constellation in the sky. If you are lucky you may get to see shooting stars and make a wish!


Being able to take family pictures is not exclusive to special occasions such as birthdays or year-end Holidays. Let your family pick a location and take someone with you that can help you take your pictures. You do not have to hire a photographer; the idea is to make the photo session as simple and inexpensive as possible.

Make a special album of these family sessions and take them out whenever you are gathered to recreate the times you shared at that photo shoot. You can also select the best pictures and gather to paint some photo frames or do a picture collage for your living room.


A good marshmallow treat is the perfect excuse to join with your family and friends. You can also get some logs and Christmas lightning if the fire is not possible. You may take some music or camp songs with you; it will be lots of fun!


Let your family help in different areas of your garden: take turns to mow the lawn, plant some flowers, water the plants and take away brown leaves from plants. During Autumn, you can play who picks up more leaves in a windy day; divide them by color: red, yellow and orange leaves. Let your kids sort them into piles and jump into them or let them cover themselves completely by the leaves.

You can also collect leaves and rocks and later make crafts like painting rocks and make leaf silhouettes.


Get everybody up and moving! You can create your own playing cards with family exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, push ups, dancing etc. Each family member picks a card and performs the exercise until all cards have been taken. Some sports centers also have exercise cards.


Sit and have conversations about a book or a topic from the newspaper or TV news. This will be a great time to hear opinions and discussions about the chosen topic. A family member must be chosen as a moderator and must lead the questions. You can invite other members of the family such as aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.


The kitchen is the place where families gather to talk and to taste delicious meals. Eat dinner together the much as you can. Regular dinnertime conversations, enables the family to have open communication channels. This is specially important for kids, to strengthen their self esteem. They are also more likely to try new meals and eat fruit and vegetables when they have dinner with others instead of eating by themselves.

Choose a recipe and have everyone participate in the elaboration and cooking process. Take some family pictures and enjoy your goodies!


There are so many ideas to join and make family art. You can paint a wall, or a big size canva together. Candle making, Halloween decorations, Christmas tags, or making a family video are several options. You can take turns and have each family member pick an art idea. Get all the necessary supplies and get creative! Looking at your piece of art hanging on a wall will bring you beautiful memories.


Get your snacks, popcorn and comfortable clothes or pijamas and watch one of your favorite movies. Select one family member to be in charge or organizing the movie event. You can hang lights in the yard near the TV or if you prefer, held the movie session inside.

Set your best mood to remember old times and enjoy the show!


There are many benefits of learning to fly a kite. Besides the fun associated with seeing your kite a few miles above ground, it implies hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. It also helps children learn about science and weather conditions. All the family can be involved in designing and decorating their own kites, which makes it even more fun!

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